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Fort Bascom

Fort Bascom figures into the creation story of Tucumcari. This fort was commanded by Kit Carson and was created to pacify the Comanche in preparation for American settlement. The first settlement in the area was called Liberty (as this is where the troops at the fort would go to enjoy liberty). When it was determined that the railroad would pass through the area, some residents of Liberty filed the original claims that would become Tucumcari. I am told nothing is left of the ruins of Fort Bascom and the site is on private land with no public access.

Located on the south bank of the Canadian River, about eight miles north of town. It was originally called Camp Easton until 1864. The Officers' quarters were built of local stone, the rest of the post was adobe construction. The garrison was later transferred to Fort Union. Foundation ruins remain, site is private property. A civilian settlement was established nearby in 1874 as Bascom, later renamed Johnson in 1892 before being abandoned in 1895.

Just to the south was a winter campsite used by the troops for only one season (year ?), known as Camp Bassett.