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View West From Quay

The Community of Quay

Quay SchoolI was told by a older local man several years ago, after I trespassed on his family land, that he had lost faith in the decency of folks since they stole the great old wall clock from the Quay School. I did nothing to re-establish his faith except to cut down on looking around vacant houses that probably belong to other people.

Quay was also the site of the only shooting I know of within my own family, where my son Matt shot another boy while we were out visiting the Choate family when they lived in the area. Thankfully, it was a BB rifle and the other boy only go a welt under one eye for his trouble. Matt may have been channeling Black Jack Ketchum, who was honored with a roadside marker not far north of the old store and post office.

I had a good friend, Coralee Keith, that apparantly was a long-time resident of Quay, likely through her husband who died before I met her. I have spent some time at the Quay cemetary burying Coralee.