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Ragland Toward Quay Valley

The Townsite of Ragland

Ragland Store The typical "Wilfornian Bamboozled Farmer"-era story of a guy who claimed his 160 acres and thought he could make a town of it, suckered a few others (often family) to join him, failed miserably when the Dust Bowl hit, and then ran away back east before anyone else noticed what had happened.

This particular "he" conveniently left the old store / post office behind that eventually became a bus stop for the school at House, as all crossroads stores eventually become.

According to a grandson of the founder and in case you don't think my general theory of Wilfornia development holds water:

Here is a tidbit of info,how Ragland
New Mexico came to be.
My Grandfather moved his family from Jeffersontown, Ky. about 1906-7 to New Mexico near Quay. His name was
Nathainal Thomas Ragland. He opened a dry goods store and the locals ask that he get
their Mail (as the nearest PO was in Tucumcari)my grandmother became the first woman postmaster in New Mexico.A Town grew and took the name Ragland. N.T Ragland and Maud (G-Mother) and their two sons, Harold C. and Thomas Rucker(my Dad)moved to Ponta Gorda,Florida and owned the Seminole Hotel.
And later Miami where he owned several theaters. Regards,To the Family Marry Xmas
Roger Ragland

I don't mean to be right everytime.