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Tucumcari Mountain

TucumcariMountain.PNG Yes, it really is a mesa rather than a "mountain". It is private land with several owners and there is no one person to contact to gain permission to access it. Also, all efforts for legal access are catagorically rejected anyway. I want it known that any excursions taken to the summit of Tucumcari Mountain by myself or members of my family are likely fabrications and any photos that appear to substantiate any summit attempts are also likely fabricated. Hopefully, you don't really believe everything you see or read on the Web

Local News on the Mountain

PeakBagger page for Tucumcari Mountain

A Good Place for Amateur Radio

As an amateur radio operator, a summit with good visibility is a wonderful place from which to operate.

There is a repeater for New Mexico Megalink on the mountain among a few others.